Vacuum Compressed Bag For Clothing And Pillows

Vacuum Compressed Bag For Clothing And Pillows
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Type:Storage Bags
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Certificate:SGS Test Report

Ptoduct Instruction
A)Clothes or quilts etc. should be totally dry before being put into the bag.

B)Pls do not use nail or needle to directly contact with the bag so as to avoid damage.

C)Pls avoid using the bag to pack articles with feather because there are always some hard quills that may come out of the articles when air is sucked out and pierce the bag.

D)The zipper may be deformed if bended and this may decrease sealing property, so try to lay the bag flat .The tiny fiber or dust may also affect the sealabillity, so pls use a wet piece of cloth to clean the zipper before zipping up

E)Clothes and quilts’ compression ratio and recovery ratio may vary due to different materials they are made of