Chinese Food Packaging Bags

Chinese Food Packaging Bags
Product Details

Basic Info

  • Feature: Moisture Proof, Shock Resistance

  • Shape: Three Edge-Sealing Bag

  • Raw Materials: Polypropylene Plastic Bag

  • Any Size: Any Thickness

  • Specification: Specified by the customer specifications

  • Application: Food

  • Material: OPP CPP

  • Making Process: Composite Packaging Bag

  • Bag Variety: Three Edge-Sealing Bag

Product Description

Aluminized composite film bag features: high flatness, printing color bright, can be equipped with zipper, local matte, hot stamping, etc. The special process. Unique design, new printing technology, outstanding graphic design and brand effect, can design special trademark or design, have very good anti-counterfeit effect. More outstanding product high grade and different shelves effect. Suitable for snacks (such as: potato chips, French fries, nuts), tea, spices, such as product. Aluminized composite film bags according to the process structure can be divided into: two layers of compound, three layer composite and four composite material structure can be combination according to customer requirements.