Irregular Shape Plastic Bag

Irregular Shape Plastic Bag
Product Details
  1. Item:Irregular shape plastic bags

    2.Usage:Energy drinks,Beverages,ice cream, yogurt, sorbet, honey,snake food, etc

    3.Certificate:FDA, ASTM, EEC standard and get certificate of QS (quality safe)


    1).In a variety of different structures, custom design or style and size, both in printed and un-printed laminations.  
    2)Printed laminations are offered in both surface and reverse Printing.
    3) Professional guidance in material or design help you get the most ideal cost effective solution

    6.Structure material:PET/BOPA/White LLDPE,  PET/NY/AL/LLDPE, NY/LLDPE, PET/LLDPE etc

    1) Print up to 10 vivid colors help you to get a attraction on the shelf.
    2) Perfect mechanical properties and higher performance for automatic packaging machines.
    3)In extending shelf-life as the barrier protection protects the products taste and overall use