Ton Bags

Ton Bags
Product Details

Providing with ton bags free sample, Ningbo Norent Plastic Prouduct Co.,Ltd is one of the leading ton bags manufacturers and suppliers in China, welcome to wholesale customized, cheap and low price flexible freight container OEM from our factory.

Detailed Information:
Material:100% virgin PP or PE
Dimension:90*90*110cm/100*100*120cm,or as customers' requirements
Type:Square/circular/U-panel/baffled bag/Four-panel etc.
Color:Beige/white/black or as your requirement
Top options:Filling spout, open or with skirt
Bottom options:Discharge spout or flat bottom
Lifting options:Side seam/Cross corner / fully belted
Currently, industries that are using container bag are: -
A. Petrochemical & chemical products manufacturers (e. G. PVC resins, soda ash, phenolic resins)
B. Food manufacturers (e. G. Sugar, flour, spices, wheat, rice)
C. Quarries & construction related (e. G. Cement, granite, sand)
D. Agricultural related products (e. G. Fertilizers, animal feed, grass)
E. Industrial applications (e. G. Scrap materials, copper coils & slag, sludge waste)

Our PP Big bag - Feature:
Sizes & designs can be tailored to individual needs.
Fabric can be coated, uncoated, and colored.
Siftproof for dust prevention or leakage.
UV-treatment available
Various lifting options, filling options, and discharging options.
Food-grade liners available for food packaging.
Safety factors 5:1 (for single-trip use), 6:1 (UN-approved), and 8:1 (for multi-trip uses).